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Are you planning to start your own Discord server but not sure what channels to include? How many of those common channels do you actually need?

Not to worry, as in this blog post, I’ll share the best Discord channel ideas that you can use to keep your community engaged and active!

Read on to find out what channels to include in your new Discord server!

What Are The Best Discord Channel Ideas?

1. Rules & Guidelines Channel

discord channel ideas

Firstly, the most important channel to have for any Discord community is the rules channel.

Here, you should mention the rules and regulations for your server, such as no cursing or bullying, no posting inappropriate content, etc.

Server rules are essential for every Discord community as you want your members to have a space where they can feel comfortable without getting hurt or offended.

2. Announcement Channel

The announcements channel is the best way to keep your community informed about any new updates or changes.

You can also use this channel for general announcements, such as server downtime, upcoming events, and introducing new moderators.

3. Welcome Channel

The welcome channel is essential in all Discord servers, and this is usually done through a welcome bot.

You can program the bot to send a welcome message to all new users, explaining the rules and regulations of your server, as well as providing helpful links for them.

4. Start Here/Server Directory Channel

The start here channel is a great way to help new members navigate your server and find the right channels for their interests.

This directory will help new members quickly get accustomed to your server, and it is especially helpful for larger servers with too many channels to navigate through.

5. Bot Channel

A bot channel is an excellent way to keep spam off your servers. This is where active members can provide commands to bots to prevent spam or report users.

Having a bot channel to funnel all bot spam messages will keep them from disturbing the conversations of your members.

6. Music Channel

Every online community wants a simple place to hang out, and sometimes that means having a voice channel than plays music only.

You can command a song bot to play and mute all incoming server members in this channel.

7. Chill Zone Channel

Chill zone text channels are a great way to provide a relaxed atmosphere for your members.

Create an open-ended chat room where everyone can hang out and discuss anything without being monitored or judged by other members.

These Discord channels are made for informal chats and provide a space to chill when members feel like socializing or chatting.

8. Voice Channel

Similar to the chill zone channel, you can add a voice channel to only allow voice chat.

Voice channels like these are great for those who don’t want to type or who just want to have a more relaxed and informal chat.

9. General Discussion Channel

Every Discord server has to have a general channel so that all members can have meaningful conversations. This is where most of your members will be posting comments and chatting.

This channel should be free of any spoilers, rude comments, and posting irrelevant topics.

Discussions related to specific topics or spoilers should not be held in this channel to prevent spam to members.

10. Introduction Channel

The introduction channel is for anyone who wants to introduce themselves, including new members and existing members who want to start fresh.

This channel should be used as a way for everyone to get to know each other better and create an open community where everyone feels included.

This can act as a formal networking room as well!

11. Videos Channel

If your community is a fun and casual one, you can add channels that feature videos. The video channel is a great way to share funny or interesting videos with other members.

This can also be used as an educational resource, allowing members to share and learn from each other.

12. Giveaways Channel

Want to reward your members with prizes and rewards for their loyalty? Having a giveaways channel is an easy way to fulfill all your giveaways.

You can use this channel to offer exclusive discounts and freebies and hold giveaways for events.

13. Meme Channel

If your Discord community is rather informal, you might consider a channel dedicated to just memes.

This channel acts as a platform for members to share and explore funny content, helping to lighten the atmosphere in your server. This will drive engagement up in your server too!

14. Social Media Updates Channel

If your community comes mostly from your social media following, having a separate channel for social media updates will help.

You can use this channel to push any updates or news from your social media handles, as well as post images and videos from them. I would suggest using a Discord bot to automate these updates.

This can also be used as a Going Live channel for streamers to send updates to their community.

15. Charity Channel

Social good is always encouraged, and having a charity channel helps broadcast any charitable opportunities to the members of your server.

You can post volunteer opportunities or fundraising initiatives here, as well as links to donate to any organization that you are supporting. This will help bring awareness and encourage members to contribute in their own way.

16. Help/FAQ Channel

Having a help channel is essential to ensure that members can get their questions answered.

The FAQ section should have answers to most of the commonly asked questions and offer additional resources or links to find more information if needed.

This channel will also be useful for admins and moderators when they need help with running the server. So make sure your admins are aware of the issues raised here.

17. Off-Topic Channel

Main discussion channels can get pretty spammy and restrictive, and it’s important to provide a space for members to just let go and talk about whatever they want.

This off-topic channel gives members the freedom to discuss anything, from their favorite movies to what they had for breakfast. It helps create an atmosphere of openness between all the members of your server.

18. Suggestions Channel

Getting feedback from your community is a great way to ensure your server stays up-to-date and relevant.

A suggestions channel allows members to give input on new ideas or improvements for the server.

This will also help you stay in touch with what’s trending and keeps the server fresh. It’s also a good idea to have your admins go through them often.

19. Discord Channel Games

Discord offers games you can add to your server and play with others.

This is a great way to keep members engaged in the server and add some fun to the mix.

You can host competitions and tournaments, giving out rewards for winners in your giveaway channel!

20. Question of The Day Channel

This is a great way to spark interesting conversations, as well as help members, get to know each other in a fun and interactive way.

You can put up a question every day for members to answer and start some great discussions that will drive engagement up in your server. This will also make people feel more connected with the community.

21. Patreon/Subs Channel

This exclusive channel is for members supporting you on Patreon or other subscription services.

This private channel provides them with insider access to exclusive content.

You can also share sneak peeks on upcoming projects and have members provide feedback as well. This will help build loyalty in your subscriber base and encourage more people to join!

22. Spam Channel

This is a dedicated channel for spam posts where your users can post without much restriction to topics. This is a space for regular users who enjoy talking about their thoughts freely.

23. Stream Team Posts Channel

The stream team posts channel will be a space for any stream collaborators you work with to gather. In this channel, you should provide permission and access to streamers to manage.

Having a channel like this can help boost the experience of the collaborators you work with.

Related Questions

What are some good Discord channel ideas?

Some good Discord channel ideas include: welcome channels, voice chat channels, discussion channels, social media updates channels, charity channels, help/FAQ channels, off-topic channels, suggestion channels, games, and trivia channels, question of the day channels, and Patreon/subscriber access channels.

Each of these can provide an engaging and interactive experience for members and can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your server.

How do I spice up my Discord server?

You can spice up your Discord server by hosting consistent giveaways on each specific day or milestone, providing hang-out rooms for members to chat, and using bots to provide engaging experiences, such as trivia or quiz games.

You can also create unique channels for members to share their artwork, ask questions, and post highlights from social media accounts.

Lastly, you can host tournaments with rewards and provide exclusive access to those who support your Patreon/subscription service. These will all help keep things interesting in your Discord server.

What is the most popular Discord channel?

The general discussion channel is the most popular Discord channel.

What is the most popular Discord server?

Genshin Impact Official is the most popular Discord server, with over 1 million members.

How do you make Discord fun?

Making Discord fun can be done in a variety of ways. You can host tournaments with rewards and use bots to provide entertaining trivia or quiz games.

Additionally, you can give out giveaways on each specific day or milestone to increase consistent engagement.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the channels you can have on your Discord server. Have fun setting them up and creating a great atmosphere for all the members! I hope these Discord channel ideas have been helpful.