My personal work from home set-up

Every great data analyst or scientist needs a great setup. Even for a simple data geek like me, a powerful set-up built from reasonable prices can even provide a much smoother analysis experience.

So here’s where I place all of the recommended machine set-up items for data work as well as my personal set-up for your reference.

My Setup

A closer look at my desk

Here’s a list of all my items shown above:

Data Tools I Use

1SpreadsheetsMicrosoft Excel, Google Sheets
2Data VisualizationTableau Desktop, Power BI
3Data Analytics Programming (Python)Spyder, VS Code, Jupyter Notebooks
4Data Analytics Programming (R)RStudio
5DatabaseDBeaver, SQLite, MySQL Workbench, MongoDB Compass
6Shell ScriptingBash


Here are the other accessories I use but aren’t really used for data science. I thought I’d put them below since some of you might be interested.

Do note that these may not be the highest-end of items. They are items that I would use myself for their high value with reasonable pricing.