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Here’s where I place all of the recommended resources that I love after trying (or wish to have!).

I’ve spent hours on testing or researching for the best resources out there and these are what I would suggest getting (based on my opinion) to have the best value for money.

Please bear in mind that these are by no means the highest-end of products. These are just some resources that I would use myself for their high value with reasonable pricing.

Here’s my list of recommended online courses:

My Highly Recommended Online Courses!

TopicOnline CoursesWhat’s Good About This Course?
1Data AnalyticsGoogle Data Analytics Professional Certificate Good overview of many data analyst tools, good career credentials
2Data ScienceIBM Data Science Professional CertificateGood overview of many data scientist tools, good career credentials
3ExcelExcel Skills for Business SpecializationFocused on the applications of excel in business
4PythonLearning Python for Data Analysis and VisualizationStrong focus on using Python for data analytics
5SQLIntroduction to SQLBeginner-friendly
6TableauData Visualization with TableauCovers from beginner to intermediate Tableau
7Power BIGetting Started with Power BI DesktopGood guided project to get you started
8R ProgrammingData Science: Foundations using R SpecializationA full specialization covering all aspects of R for data science

Books are one of the ways I complement my learning from online courses.

Check out my favorite books below:

My Highly Recommended Books!

TopicBooksWhat’s Good About this Book?
1Data Analytics
2Data Science
4PythonPython for Data AnalysisA good reference guide to use alongside coding for the first time
5SQLSQL: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Learn SQL TodayA great reference guide for beginners in SQL
6TableauPractical TableauA comprehensive guide that has lots of hidden tips and tricks
7Power BIBeginning Microsoft Power BIBeginners’ guide for troubleshooting dashboards while doing a project
8R ProgrammingLearning RA step-by-step guide to getting started with R programming
9Data VisualizationBig Book of DashboardsA good reference guide to good vs bad data visualizations has many dashboard examples based on scenarios

Before I share my resources, let me show you my recommended priorities for learning data tools!

Hopefully, this gives you a better idea of which skills you should pick up first!

1. Recommended Data Analyst Learning Priority

  1. Excel
  2. SQL
  3. Python
  4. Tableau
  5. Power BI

2. Recommended Data Scientist Learning Priority

  1. Python
  2. SQL
  3. Excel
  4. Git
  5. R

Now let me share some of the common learning platforms I frequent that should benefit you well too!

Here are some of my favorite sites for online courses:

My Highly Recommended Learning Platforms!

Learning PlatformWhat’s Good About the Platform?Free Trial
1CourseraCertificates are offered by popular learning institutes and companies like Google, IBM & Meta/FacebookAvailable
2DatacampComes with an integrated coding platform, great for beginners!Available
3PluralsightStrong focus on data skills, taught by industry expertsAvailable
4StratascratchLearn faster by doing real interview coding practices for data scienceAvailable

I’m also a strong believer in online courses for learning about data!

Now let’s have a look at resources based on topics!

Most of them are free so these are great for students and beginners!

Read on for more information.

Data Analytics

Here are some of the recommended blog posts I’ve written based on my experience when it comes to learning data analytics, enjoy!

Data Science

Although I’m not a data scientist, I’ve picked up data science concepts along the way to help me better understand the whole data space.

Do check out some of the recommendations for learning data science below!

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is where I do most of my work and I must say that there aren’t many great resources out there!

Here’s a quick, helpful list to help you get started!

Machine Learning

Business Analyst/Analysis

Another one for the aspiring business analyst out there, here are some great recommendations for you too!

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