Recommended Resources

Here’s where I place all of the recommended resources that I love after trying (or wish to have!). I’ve spent hours on testing or researching for the best resources out there and these are what I would suggest getting (based on my opinion) to have the best value for money.

Please bear in mind that these are by no means the highest-end of products. These are just some resources that I would use myself for their high value with reasonable pricing.

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Data Analytics

Here are some of the recommended blog posts I’ve written based on my experience when it comes to learning data analytics, enjoy!

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Review

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Data Science

Although I’m not a data scientist, I’ve picked up data science concepts along the way to help me better understand the whole data space. Do check out some of the recommendations for learning data science below!

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Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is where I do most of my work and I must say that there aren’t many great resources out there! Here’s a quick, helpful list to help you get started!

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Business Analyst

Another one for the aspiring business analyst out there, here are some great recommendations for you too!

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My Favorite Data Learning Resources:

Here are some of the learning resources I’ve personally found to be useful as a data analyst and I hope you find them useful too. These may contain affiliate links and I earn a commission from them if you use them. However, I’d honestly recommend them to my juniors, friends, or even my family!

Recommended Online Course Provider: I find Coursera online courses the most well-structured and comprehensive! You can get a Coursera Plus Membership to get started here.

Using my link, you’ll only pay $1 for your first month (Offer ends 4 December 2021). I’d recommend using this to just get started, with just a small cost, and if you find that it’s not for you, you can always cancel before the next month!

Learning Data Analytics: I really like the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate program made by Google, because of its credibility and focus on the skills required as a data analyst. You’d get the first month off of the subscription using my link!

Learning Tableau: Tableau is my main data visualization tool for work. I recommend going for Data Visualization with Tableau for an online course and Practical Tableau by Ryan Sleeper.

Learning Python: I’d recommend Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization for an online course and Python for Data Analysis as a resource book.

Learning Power BI: Power BI is a great tool I use for my personal projects and analysis for its lower cost. Getting Started with Power BI Desktop is a great online course to start with and Beginning Microsoft Power BI is a good book to accompany your learning.

Learning R: The Data Science: Foundations using R Specialization online course is real solid one you should check out. For books, I’d recommend Learning R.

Learning SQL: A good started course is Introduction to SQL from Datacamp and for books, SQL: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Learn SQL Today should be a useful resource while you learn.

Learning Data Visualization: I personally think that the Big Book of Dashboards is an excellent book for reference when designing your dashboards, especially on Tableau.

To see all of my most up-to-date recommendations, check out this resource I’ve put together for you here.

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