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Ever wanted to team up with your friends on different systems to battle the dinosaurs of Ark since its launch in 2017?

Well, in 2023, it might be possible!

The question you’ll most likely be having is—is Ark cross-platform?

In this article, I’ll answer this plus all your other related questions about crossplay on Ark!

Let’s find out!

Is Ark Cross Platform?

Yes, Ark: Survival Evolved is cross-platform. However, the cross-platform capabilities for Ark are not that straightforward. The cross-play compatibility is dependent on the platform Ark is running on.

For example, Ark is cross-platform compatible between Windows PC players and Xbox One users. The cross-platform feature is also available for play among Android and iOS users.

However, when it comes to PlayStation platforms (PS5 & PS4), you won’t be able to join servers with your friends from other systems.

Here’s a neat chart for your quick reference!

Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform for Xbox and PS4?

No, Ark: Survival Evolved is not cross-platform for Xbox and PS4. Native cross-platform is not currently supported for Xbox and PS4 or PS5. There have been no official announcements for plans to release crossplay for these two platforms.

However, Xbox players will still be able to play with friends on multiplayer with other Xbox devices.

Ark players on Playstation 4 will be able to play with players on the Playstation network, which means Playstation5 players can also join in.

Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform for Xbox and Epic Games?

No, Ark: Survival Evolved does not support cross-platform for Xbox and Ark on the Epic Games Store.

The two platforms have no official compatibility or crossover ability, meaning you won’t be able to join your friends on Epic Games from an Xbox console for a game of Ark.

This also applies to PlayStation users; they cannot join their friends from the Epic Games platform or Steam platform.

Is Ark: Survival Evolved Cross Platform for Steam and Epic Games?

Yes, Ark: Survival Evolved is cross-platform for Steam and Epic Games.

Players on both platforms can join one another in the same server through their respective interfaces, meaning they will be able to enjoy Ark with friends from all over the world!

If you’re looking to team up with your friends while playing Ark, I recommend getting a dedicated ARK gamer server to hang out at!

Related Questions

Can PS4 and Xbox play Ark together?

No, Ark is not cross-platform compatible between PS4 and Xbox. However, you can still join your friends on a multiplayer server if they are both on the same platform. Ark also supports cross-gen multiplayer, which allows PS4 players to play with PS5 players.

Can PC and PS4 play Ark together?

No, PC and PS4 players cannot play Ark together as the two platforms are not cross-platform compatible.

Can Android users and iOS users play Ark together?

Yes, Android and iOS users can play Ark together as the game is cross-platform compatible between the two platforms.

Can Nintendo Switch and PC users play Ark together?

No, Nintendo Switch and PC players cannot play Ark together as the two platforms are not cross-platform compatible.

Will Ark ever be fully cross-platform?

Ark is unlikely to ever be fully cross-platform.

Although there is support for cross-platform on mobile devices and PC users with Xbox users, the developers at Studio Wildcard have not made any official announcements regarding plans for full cross-platform support in the future.

We know that as a current trend with games, more developers are looking to include cross-platform support as time goes on, though, so keep an eye out for updates!

Also, another thing to mention is that with the upcoming launch of ARK 2, it might be possible for developers to be working on a more integrated gaming experience. There might be a chance for ARK to be fully cross-platform for this new game.

How do I make my Ark server cross-platform?

In order to make your Ark server cross-platform, you’ll need to rent a dedicated server from a game server hosting provider.

From there, you’ll be able to set up the server settings and enable cross-play for players on different platforms (although limited to the options I mentioned above).

Final Thoughts

While Ark: Survival Evolved doesn’t support cross-platform play for all platforms, there are still several platforms that do.

For those wanting the full experience of playing with their friends from all platforms, rent a dedicated server or look into other cross-platform games to have fun with your friends.

Whatever you decide to do, we hope you have fun playing Ark and enjoy the game! I hope this article has helped clarify your questions about cross-platform play for Ark.