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Are you running out of Apple Watch chargers? Or have you misplaced it? Just because you can no longer find the charger doesn’t mean that your watch is now dead and unable to be used.

Luckily, there are some alternatives to charge an Apple watch without a charger.

Charging an Apple Watch can become easy and hassle-free with the right items, which I’ll share later.

This blog post will explore how to charge your Apple watch in various ways when its original charger is missing. Read on for some tips on charging without a charger!

Is It Possible to Charge an Apple Watch Without a Charger?

Yes, it is possible to charge an Apple Watch without a charger. There are several ways to do this, such as using external power banks, MagSafe Duo Charger, or other non-Apple accessories like charging pucks and wireless charging stands.

how to charge apple watch without charger

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger: 3 Ways

Here are some ways to charge up an Apple Watch without using a proprietary charger.

1. Use A Portable Battery Pack or Power Bank

apple watch battery pack

A portable battery pack is one of the most convenient and effective ways to charge an Apple Watch without a charger. Most of them come with USB ports, allowing you to attach your watch’s charging USB cable.

You can easily find a reliable portable power bank in most stores or online. Check the battery pack’s capacity to know how many times you can charge your watch.

I’d recommend getting one with at least 5000mAh for sufficient charging use.

2. Use a Wireless Charging Stand

A wireless charging stand is a great solution for those who want to charge their Apple Watch without the original Apple Watch charging cable. It’s easy and convenient, as you just have to place your watch on the stand for it to start charging.

Many of these stands are compatible with iPhones and other phones, so you can use them to charge multiple devices simultaneously since they are charged using a power outlet, which brings in sufficient power.

3. Use a MagSafe Duo Charger

If you have an Apple MagSafe Duo Charger, then you can easily charge your Apple watch without its original magnetic charger.

This dual-device charging option is great for those who want to charge their phones and watches at the same time.

Using the wireless charging technology of MagSafe you’ll be able to charge the watch without using the original charging puck provided when you first bought your Apple Watch. This makes it much better than using the bulky charger that came with the watch, which isn’t great for travel too.

Alternatively, you can also get an Apple Watch charging puck that charges from your iPad to charge on the go.

How To Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

The Apple Watch is a powerful device, but it comes with limited battery life.

While this can be inconvenient, there are some easy tips you can follow to extend your watch’s battery and get more out of it in the long run.

Here are some of our top tips for extending the battery life on your Apple Watch:

1. Turn Off Unnecessary Features

One of the biggest battery drains on your Apple Watch is unnecessary features that you don’t use.

If you’re not using features like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or location services, turn them off in the settings menu.

This will drastically reduce your watch’s power and help you get more out of its battery life.

2. Lower the Brightness

Another big way to save battery is to lower the brightness on your Apple Watch’s display.

The brighter the display, the more energy it will consume, so adjusting this setting can make a huge difference in how long the watch lasts.

Go to settings and adjust the brightness slider to a lower level for optimal battery efficiency.

3. Disable Notifications

Notifications are another major source of power drain on your Apple Watch, so it’s important to be mindful of which ones you enable.

If there are notifications you don’t need or don’t use, disable them in the settings menu.

This will help reduce your watch’s power and extend its battery life.

4. Use Power Saving Mode

The Apple Watch also has a built-in Power Saving Mode that can be enabled to help extend its battery even further.

This mode will reduce your watch’s power and limit its performance to conserve energy when needed.

Simply go to settings and toggle Power Saving Mode on for optimal battery efficiency.

5. Reduce Wake Screen Time

The Apple Watch’s display is one of the biggest sources of power consumption, so it’s important to reduce your wake screen time as much as possible.

This means limiting how often you use the watch’s features and not activating its display unnecessarily.

You can either reduce the wake screen time by turning off the always-on display or by turning off raise-to-wake.

In such situations, you can leave tap-to-wake on whenever you need to use your watch.


Why won’t my Apple Watch turn on?

If your Apple Watch doesn’t turn on, it may be because the battery has run out of power. In this case, you can charge it without the charger.

Can I charge my Apple Watch with someone else’s charger?

Yes, you can charge your Apple Watch with someone else’s charger as long as it is compatible with the Apple Watch.

However, using the charger designed for your specific watch model is best. Otherwise, it may not provide enough power or cause damage to your device.

For example, for charging an Apple Watch Series 8, you’ll require the magnetic fast charger wire to enable fast charging. If you use the Apple Watch charger from an Apple Watch SE, it might not charge at the same fast rate.

Can you charge an Apple Watch with a regular iPhone charger?

Yes, you can charge your Apple Watch with a regular iPhone charger if it has the correct voltage and is compatible with your device.

Are power banks safe to use for charging an Apple Watch?

Yes, power banks are safe to use for charging an Apple Watch as long as they have the correct voltage and are designed for the specific watch model.

However, it’s important to make sure the power bank has enough capacity and is compatible with your device before using it.

Additionally, some power banks come with a Qi wireless charging pad that can be used to charge an Apple Watch.

It’s always best to refer to the instructions for your power bank and Apple Watch before using a power bank for charging.

Is there a hidden port to charge Apple Watch?

Yes, there is a hidden port to charge an Apple Watch, except for models from Series 7 onwards.

The port is located at the back of the watch and can be used with a special magnetic charging cable to charge your Apple Watch. This allows it to be charged using a battery band.

Ensure the cable is compatible with your device before using it. It’s also best to refer to the instructions for your Apple Watch before charging it.

However, do take note to follow the instructions for your device when charging, as using incorrect chargers can cause damage or reduce the lifespan of your watch.

Can you charge Apple Watch via a USB port?

No, you cannot charge your Apple Watch via a USB port. All Apple Watches can only be charged either using a wireless magnetic charging puck or through the hidden ports for older models.

Final Thoughts

The Apple Watch is an amazing wearable, but its battery life isn’t the best, and it can be tricky to charge without the right charger.

By following the tips we’ve outlined here, you can keep your Apple Watch charged even without the original USB charger and USB power adapter.

I hope this has been helpful in learning how to charge Apple watch without charger!