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I’m sure you’re here because you’re considering a DataCamp subscription but have some questions regarding it.

I’ve done some research and:

I’ve put together 17 things about the DataCamp Subscription that you MUST know before you buy!

These will be the 17 most important things you’ll need to consider before you purchase a DataCamp subscription.

Read on for more details on each point!

1. Is a DataCamp Subscription Worth It?

A DataCamp subscription is worth it. A DataCamp Premium subscription is worth getting for its full unlimited access to top data analytics courses in DataCamp with interactive coding environments, certificates, and hands-on projects for a single price of only $25/month billed annually or $39/month billed monthly.

In the field of data analytics and science, there are many tools you’ll have to learn to complete your work tasks.

That’s where the DataCamp subscription can come in really handy!

Here’s why:

By getting the DataCamp Premium subscription, you’ll be given full access to all the courses within DataCamp so you’ll get to learn any tool you need.

I personally feel that the DataCamp Premium is the most value for money subscription only if you’re intending to learn all the necessary data skills.

In comparison to other courses, the DataCamp Premium subscription is well worth your money, since you’ll be paying for many courses for the price of one!

Access To Slack Community

Additionally, all subscribers will be given access to an exclusive subscriber-only DataCamp Slack Community.

With Slack, you’ll have access to a community of other learners like you, where you can share ideas similar to a social media portal like Facebook or an online forum.

Discussions between subscribers are split into various channels within the Slack group.

Check out the full list of channels you’ll find in this Slack Group below:

  • #introductions
  • #jobs
  • #feedback
  • #general-r
  • #general-python
  • #dc-python-courses
  • #dc-r-courses
  • #certification-career-services.

If you’re already a DataCamp Premium subscriber, you can access this Slack Community through the dropdown in the upper right corner of the DataCamp interface.

If you’re still on the fence on whether the DataCamp Premium subscription is for you, I’d suggest getting started with their free trial first and seeing if it’s what you like!

2. Is It Worth Taking a DataCamp Subscription?

It is worth taking a DataCamp subscription. DataCamp is an excellent platform for learning data skills with a guided hands-on approach through online courses. The DataCamp Premium subscription is worth taking for its full access to all courses within the platform with just an affordable price of $25/month billed yearly.

DataCamp Subscriptions are actually excellent compared to other certificate programs out there.

Here’s a list of 5 reasons why the DataCamp Premium Subscription is worth taking:

  1. The DataCamp Premium Subscription Is Cost-Effective
  2. The DataCamp Premium Subscription Gives You Access to a Learning Community
  3. The DataCamp Premium Subscription Gives You Access to The Full (350+) DataCamp Course Library
  4. The DataCamp Premium Subscription Gives You Access to the DataCamp Career Services Team
  5. The DataCamp Premium Subscription Unlocks Unlimited Step-By-Step Coding Projects
  6. The DataCamp Premium Subscription Unlocks Unlimited Learning on Mobile

There are many benefits to getting the DataCamp Premium but you’ll have to make full use of the resources it provides to ensure that it’s worth what you pay.

The DataCamp Premium Subscription Is Cost-Effective

Since you’re going to get full access to all courses, I recommend taking as many of them as possible. This makes your subscription even more cost-effective!

DataCamp Premium (Billed Monthly)DataCamp Premium (Billed Annually)
USD $39/monthUSD $25/month

With the Premium subscription going at only $25/month, you’ll be learning so much more than attending expensive boot camps or college degrees.

The DataCamp Premium Subscription Gives You Access to a Learning Community

With every subscription to the premium DataCamp plan, you’ll be given access to the DataCamp Learning Community as I’ve mentioned in my first point!

This extra learning community among data peers makes the subscription just more attractive to get!

The DataCamp Premium Subscription Gives You Access to The Full (350+) DataCamp Course Library

By paying for the full library of courses available on DataCamp through the Premium subscription, you’ll get to gather as many skills as possible from taking on as many courses as you can!

The more you learn from DataCamp, the more worth the subscription will be.

The DataCamp Premium Subscription Gives You Access to the DataCamp Career Services Team

According to DataCamp, you’ll gain access to the dedicated Career Services Team from DataCamp.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a career change or for starting a career in data analytics, you’re in luck! This is the perfect solution for you.

Here’s a list of career services they provide:

  • Planning
  • Personal branding
  • Workshops
  • Job matching
  • Career networking sessions

I personally really like the idea of having career networking sessions!

This is beyond what most other platforms like Coursera or Udemy offer.

Getting access to such career resources is very much similar to what most college career services teams have too.

You’ll get that same premium experience with a DataCamp subscription.

However, this access to career services is only offered upon completion of a DataCamp Certificate.

This applies to various certificates within DataCamp such as:

  • Data Scientist Professional Certificate
  • Data Analyst Professional Certificate

Check out the screenshot below for the 2 possible certificates you can try, to gain access to the career services.

The DataCamp Premium Subscription Unlocks Unlimited Step-By-Step Coding Projects

If you’ve ever tried DataCamp as a free member, you’ll know that DataCamp has a great focus on step-by-step guides for coding.

And this should be just the thing for you if you want more than just regular online courses!

Here’s why:

In the world of data science, you’ll need lots of practice when it comes to coding.

That’s where the value of having coding projects in DataCamp really shines!

In the DataCamp Premium Subscription, you’ll be given UNLIMITED access to all these projects!

They also have some step-by-step guides in Tableau too.

Unlike the free plan on DataCamp, the DataCamp Premium subscription gives you unlimited access to all the coding and hands-on projects!

If you’re still on the fence, I’d recommend checking out these 7 free DataCamp projects first to try them out!

The DataCamp Premium Subscription Unlocks Unlimited Learning on Mobile

With your DataCamp Premium subscription, you’re also given UNLIMITED access to all features within the DataCamp Mobile app!

If you’ve not used the mobile app before, it’s a great way to learn on the go through bite-sized learning content!

Check out these 3 screenshots of the app below:

If you’re just using the free DataCamp subscription plan, you’ll only get limited access to the exercises.

Although you won’t be able to learn much from the mobile, I’m sure this is another good bonus to getting a DataCamp Premium subscription!

3. Is It Worth Paying for DataCamp?

It is worth paying for DataCamp. Paying for a DataCamp subscription unlocks unlimited access to all courses, certificates, hands-on projects, DataCamp career services, a Slack Community and unlimited DataCamp Mobile access for only a single price of either $25/month billed annually or $39/month billed monthly.

Having a free account on DataCamp has its limits and at a certain point, you’re probably considering paying for a DataCamp subscription.

If you’re an individual learner, you’re likely going to want the DataCamp Premium subscription.

Paying for the Premium plan might be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make if you’re a complete beginner with no previous knowledge!

According to Reddit user Imyerdad2019, DataCamp is good for learning as a beginner for the first few months.

However, if you’re intending to pay for any DataCamp subscription, I’d recommend taking on as many courses as quickly as possible!

This way, you’ll maximize the value you get out of the money you pay for the subscription.

4. How Much Is The DataCamp Subscription?

The DataCamp Premium subscription costs $25/month when billed annually or $39/month when billed monthly. The Teams subscription for 2 or more users costs $25/month billed annually. However, the subscription prices may vary depending on yearly promotions, special deals or educator and student discounts.

The DataCamp subscriptions can save you a lot of money if you’re planning to take on multiple courses.

Check out this table below for a full summary of the DataCamp subscription costs.

(Billed Annually)
(Billed Monthly)
PriceUSD $25/monthUSD $39/monthUSD $25/month
Number of Users112 or more
Who Should Get This?Individuals with long-term learning plansIndividuals with short-term learning plansBusiness teams

5. Can DataCamp Be Paid Monthly?

DataCamp can be paid monthly through a monthly subscription at $39/month. DataCamp Premium allows both monthly and annual payments. However, the monthly payment Premium subscription costs more than the annual payment Premium subscription, at $25/month. The monthly payment plan also has lesser offers and discounts.

There’s an option provided by DataCamp to pay for a monthly subscription to the Premium plan.

Here’s how you can get the monthly DataCamp premium subscription:

Just ensure that you hit the blue tick toggle on the top right of this pricing page:

After toggling with that button, check to see if it matches this screenshot below, with the “Save with Yearly” button set to off.

Once you get that, go ahead and click the subscribe now button on the pricing page to go to the right payment page.

You should see an order summary like this:

There should be a statement saying that this is a recurring monthly charge.

If you see that then go ahead and continue the payment process to get the monthly Premium subscription!

However, according to DataCamp, if you’ve already accidentally paid for the annual subscription and would like to make a change, you won’t be able to.

I’d still recommend sending a message over to DataCamp to let them know about your situation.

6. What Is The Difference Between DataCamp Premium and DataCamp Standard?

There is no difference between DataCamp Premium and DataCamp Standard. From Feb 14, 2022, DataCamp has merged the Premium and Standard plans together. All existing Standard plan learners have since been updated to the Premium plan and the Standard plan has been removed. Currently, only the Premium plan remains.

If you’re wondering about the differences between DataCamp Premium vs DataCamp Standard, you won’t have to anymore!

Beginning Feb 14, 2022, DataCamp announced in their blog post that they’re merging and removing the Standard plan.

Check out this useful screenshot from that blog post:

7. What Does DataCamp Premium Do?

DataCamp Premium provides full access to all courses in DataCamp, hands-on projects, certifications, access to the DataCamp Career Services Team, a Slack Learning Community and unlimited access to learning on DataCamp Mobile for an affordable cost of $25/month paid annually.

8. Is Premium DataCamp Worth It?

DataCamp Premium is worth it. A DataCamp Premium subscription is worth taking for its full access to the DataCamp course library, hands-on projects, certifications, access to DataCamp Career Services, a Learning Community, and unlimited access to DataCamp Mobile for only an affordable price of $25/month billed yearly.

Read my full DataCamp review for more information!

9. Can You Cancel DataCamp Anytime?

DataCamp subscriptions can be cancelled anytime. Cancelling a DataCamp subscription is different from pausing payments. A DataCamp subscription is not considered cancelled when only payment is paused.

10. Is It Easy To Cancel The DataCamp Subscription?

It is easy to cancel the DataCamp subscription.

Here’s how you can cancel:

  1. Open up DataCamp on your browser
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click My Account > Account Settings (top right-hand corner)
  4. Click Subscription
  5. Click Stop Automatic Billing
  6. Click Continue to cancel

This should help to cancel your subscription!

More on this in this DataCamp blog post.

11. Can I Cancel a DataCamp Subscription After 1 Month?

DataCamp subscriptions can be cancelled anytime, even after 1 month.

12. What Happens if I Cancel My DataCamp Subscription?

Upon cancellation of a DataCamp subscription, the account would retain all access to the DataCamp learning platform until the end of the subscription period. Thereafter, all access to the DataCamp platform would be removed. All automatic billing will also be stopped upon cancellation of the DataCamp subscription.

You’re not going to lose any progress if you choose to cancel so don’t worry about that!

Once your subscription period is up, your access and progress on any paid courses will be put on hold until you choose to reactive a new subscription.

Read more from this DataCamp FAQ section.

13. Does DataCamp Refund Money?

According to the DataCamp Terms of Use, all subscription fees are non-refundable. However, DataCamp Support can be contacted to highlight any valid cases for exceptions to their no-refund policy.

Here’s a screenshot of their Terms of Use, section 2.6 on Fees:

As you can see, upon paying the subscription fees, it’s not possible to get back your money.

However, according to this support page from DataCamp, if you feel that you have got a valid case where you think you deserve an exception, you can contact them.

14. How Do I Stop Automatic Billing in DataCamp?

Here’s how you can stop automatic billing in DataCamp:

  1. Open up DataCamp on your browser
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click My Account > Account Settings (top right-hand corner)
  4. Click Subscription
  5. Click Stop Automatic Billing

This should help to stop the automatic billing for your subscription!

More on this in this DataCamp blog post.

15. Is DataCamp Totally Free?

DataCamp is not totally free. Only a selected few courses in DataCamp and the first chapters of every course is available for free. However, unofficial Open Courses made by the DataCamp learning community are available for free.

Most of the content in DataCamp is only available for Premium subscribers.

Having just the first chapter for free any course isn’t going to help you learn much so you’ll need a Premium subscription to learn more.

However, the following selected courses are free for you to try out:

Additionally, if you’re looking for more free courses, you can also check out unofficial Open Courses made by the community!

Free Open Courses on Datacamp

16. How Long Is The DataCamp Free Trial?

DataCamp free trial does not expire and lasts indefinitely. However, the free DataCamp Basic limited access subscription has several limitations. Only a selection of 6 courses are available and the first chapter of every other course is free in this free Basic trial subscription.

Here’s a screenshot with an overview of what the Basic free trial has:

You can read more about the free courses in my previous point, #15!

17. Is DataCamp Free for Students?

DataCamp is free for students through the DataCamp for Classrooms group account. However, this requires registration by educators on behalf of students. DataCamp for Classrooms gives full free access to all DataCamp resources to both educators and students. However, individual students are sold at a discounted price.

If you’re a student I recommend getting started learning by asking your teacher to register for DataCamp for Classrooms!

This gives everyone from your class access to all DataCamp resources, including your teacher.

However, if that still doesn’t work, and you still plan to learn as an individual student, DataCamp has a Premium Student subscription that you can sign up for!

This Premium Student Plan goes at 50% of the usual price so do take advantage of this student discount!

Final Thoughts

DataCamp has a really great subscription and I believe that it should be taken by any serious data learners!

If this article has helped you, do use my affiliate links in this article as they do help to support the site.

Thanks for reading!

My Favorite Learning Resources:

Here are some of the learning resources I’ve personally found to be useful as a data analyst and I hope you find them useful too!

These may contain affiliate links and I earn a commission from them if you use them.

However, I’d honestly recommend them to my juniors, friends, or even my family!

My Recommended Learning Platforms!

Learning PlatformWhat’s Good About the Platform?
1CourseraCertificates are offered by popular learning institutes and companies like Google & IBM
2DataCampComes with an integrated coding platform, great for beginners!
3PluralsightStrong focus on data skills, taught by industry experts
4StratascratchLearn faster by doing real interview coding practices for data science
5UdacityHigh-quality, comprehensive courses

My Recommended Online Courses + Books!

TopicOnline CoursesBooks
1Data AnalyticsGoogle Data Analytics Professional Certificate
2Data ScienceIBM Data Science Professional Certificate
3ExcelExcel Skills for Business Specialization
4PythonPython for Everybody SpecializationPython for Data Analysis
5SQLIntroduction to SQLSQL: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Learn SQL Today
6TableauData Visualization with TableauPractical Tableau
7Power BIGetting Started with Power BI DesktopBeginning Microsoft Power BI
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