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Are you looking for apple pencil engraving ideas? Whether you are looking for something funny, cool, or cute, we have you covered!

In this blog post, we will share over 100 different apple pencil engraving ideas that you can use to personalize your device. We will also provide tips on how to choose the right apple pencil engraving idea for you.

So whether you’re doing your first engraving and don’t know where to begin, or if you are looking for some fresh inspiration, read on!

What is Apple Pencil Engraving?

Apple Pencil engraving is a free service provided by Apple where you can personalize your Apple Pencil (2nd generation) with a mix of emojis, names, initials, and numbers. This option is only available when you order from Apple’s website.

What Are Some Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas?

Let’s have a look at the different ideas you can have on your new Apple Pencil!

Funny Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas

apple pencil engraving

If you’re out of ideas for engraving your Apple Pencil, a funny quote or phrase always works!

Here’s a list of funny engraving ideas:

  1. “I could be drawing but nah”
  2. “My art is better than yours”
  3. “In case of emergency, draw faster”
  4. “Drawing is my superpower”
  5. “An Apple a day keeps the doctor away”
  6. “Eat, sleep, create”
  7. “Choose creativity!”
  8. “I <3 art”
  9. “Master of my domain”
  10. “iPencil Master”
  11. “Draw me like one of your French girls”
  12. “Think different”
  13. “Do more with less”
  14. “Stay sharp”
  15. “#applepencillove”
  16. “Don’t get ‘erased'”
  17. “Inspiration at your fingertips”
  18. “Create & conquer”
  19. “Unlock creative possibilities”
  20. “Be creative!”
  21. “Fruity drawings!”
  22. “The pen is mightier than the sword”
  23. “Make your mark!”
  24. “‘Pencil’ in some fun!”
  25. “Writing (with an) Apple pencil is always a great idea!”
  26. “Let’s bring out the inner artist!”
  27. “Drawing a new future”
  28. “Taking notes never felt better”
  29. “Write on, write forever”
  30. “Doodles with elegance”

Cool Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas

  1. “Draw first, think later”
  2. “Generate ideas with ease”
  3. “Design your dreams”
  4. “Create the future”
  5. “Imagination is the key”
  6. “Let creativity flow”
  7. “All roads lead to creativity”
  8. “Unlock the world of possibilities”
  9. “Originality transcends boundaries”
  10. “Innovate or die trying”
  11. “#applepencildesigns”
  12. “Out of this world designs”
  13. “Revolutionize designs with Apple Pencil”
  14. “Take designing to the next level”
  15. “Designs that last a lifetime”
  16. “Detailed designs for the perfectionists out there”
  17. “Put your fingers on artistry”
  18. “Designs that speak louder than words”
  19. “Doodle anything you want!”
  20. “Bringing style to design!”
  21. “A pencil worth writing home about”
  22. “Write smarter with Apple Pencil”
  23. “Write it down, think it up!”
  24. “Create and make magic!”
  25. “Be bold! Design differently!”
  26. “Make something great!”
  27. “Unleash your inner designer!”
  28. “Draw like no other!”
  29. “Pencil up, draw away!”
  30. “Designing a better tomorrow!”
  31. “This pencil belongs to the best”

Cute Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas

cute apple pencil engraving ideas
  1. “Be cute be you”
  2. “#drawcute”
  3. “my first pen”
  4. “Be cute and draw!”
  5. “Cuteness stays forever!”
  6. “An apple a day keeps the frown away!”
  7. “Bringing more cuteness to this world”
  8. “Cute designs through and through”
  9. “Love with an Apple Pencil”
  10. “Make your design ‘ap-peel’!”
  11. “Designing with love”
  12. “Everything’s better with a little bit of cuteness”
  13. “Create something special every day!”
  14. “Designs that’ll last forever”
  15. “Beauty lies in pencil strokes of artistry”
  16. “Put a smile on your creative face”
  17. “Love is in the details”
  18. “Uniquely cute designs for all occasions”
  19. “Aww-spiring designs guaranteed!”
  20. “Add some color to life’s canvas!”
  21. “Little details make all the difference!”
  22. “Let’s paint our dreams together!”
  23. “Spreading cuteness everywhere!”

You can also consider adding a cute emoji for more personality too!

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas for Partner

apple pencil with ipad
  1. “Love, from (your name)”
  2. “Your love has no limits”
  3. “We make a great team”
  4. “Your passion inspires me”
  5. “Our partnership is unique”
  6. “Together we are unstoppable”
  7. “No obstacle can stand in our way”
  8. “We will always be better together”
  9. “My love for you never ends”
  10. “#applepencilpartner”
  11. “happy birthday, love”
  12. 10.”Love in an Apple Pencil”
  13. “Let’s draw our dreams together”
  14. “Forever yours”

If you’re really close to your partner, you can even consider including a secret message through matching engravings.

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas for Friend

  1. “Friends forever”
  2. “Our friendship is unforgettable”
  3. “Thanks for all the memories”
  4. “Laughter and joy with friends”
  5. “No one else can compare”
  6. “Friends make life better”
  7. “Our bond is unbreakable”
  8. “The world looks brighter with friends”
  9. “only friend forever”
  10. “Best pen pal friends”
  11. “#friendship”
  12. “Friendship makes everything sweeter”.

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas for Family

  1. “Family is forever”
  2. “Our journey together”
  3. “No love like family love”
  4. “Where life begins and love never ends”
  5. “Our bond is unshakable”
  6. “from your favorite child, Andrew”
  7. “Cherish every moment with family”
  8. “Home is where the family is”
  9. “Family brings us closer to one another”
  10. “#familiessticktogether”
  11. “My family, My heart”.

Having your Apple Pencil engraved for a family member also makes for a great idea to have a very special birthday surprise!

Apple Pencil Engraving Ideas for Colleagues

apple pencil engravings for colleagues
  1. “Teamwork makes the dream work”
  2. “DCU: Dedication, Cooperation & Unity”
  3. “Success comes with collaboration”
  4. “Together we achieve greatness”
  5. “Strength in numbers”
  6. “One mission, one team”
  7. “No one succeeds alone”
  8. “Colleagues make work easier”
  9. “You make work so much more fun”
  10. “Achieving the impossible with you”
  11. Best lunch buddy
  12. Hard work paid off
  13. Office problem solver
  14. Happy Monday
  15. Congrats on 2 years of work together
  16. Best advice giver

Related Questions

What is an Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is a digital stylus pen made by Apple Inc. designed for the iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini.

The Apple Pencil is used to draw, take notes, mark up documents, and more. It offers pixel-perfect precision and industry-leading low latency, making it great for drawing, sketching, coloring, taking notes, or even marking up emails.

There are currently two generations of the stylus. The first generation model has a removable cap that hides a Lightning connector for charging, while the second generation version charges wirelessly when attached to the side of the iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad Mini.

Both versions support pressure sensitivity and tilt functionality, allowing users to create thinner or thicker lines, and add shading by tilting the Apple Pencil.

Can you get your Apple Pencil engraved?

You can get your Apple Pencil engraved on the website. You can choose the engraving option with a custom text message of your choice for a personal touch.

Apple also offers iPad engraving options too! Many of the quotes here in this list can be great for iPad engraving ideas.

Can I engrave a 1st Gen Apple Pencil?

No, you cannot engrave a 1st Gen Apple Pencil. Apple only offers engraving for its 2nd gen models.

Does engraving an Apple Pencil void the warranty?

Engraving an Apple Pencil does not void the warranty as long as it is done through the Apple website.

How much does it cost to get Apple Pencil engravings?

Engravings are free with the purchase of any Apple pencil.

This promotion also applies to any Apple devices that can be engraved, such as the iPad Air, iPad Mini, AirPods, AirTag, and Apple Pencil (2nd generation). The iPod Touch engraving is no longer supported by Apple.

Third-party service engravings cost more but they allow more customizations.

How many characters are allowed on Apple Pencil Engravings?

Only a maximum of 15 characters are allowed when engraving on Apple Pencils. Do note that only capital letters are allowed.

This maximum character count varies across Apple products. For iPad engravings, the maximum number of characters is 34.

How long does it take to engrave an Apple Pencil?

Engraving an Apple Pencil typically takes 2-3 days to process. However, this does not count in delivery times. If you’re planning to give the device as a gift, do keep this timeline in mind.

Should you engrave your Apple Pencil?

It depends on your personal preference. An engraving is a great way to add a personalized touch to your device and make it more meaningful for you. If you’re out of ideas, you can just go with personal details like your initials or family name!

It also makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family, colleagues, or loved ones.

If you’re looking for an easy yet meaningful way to show someone how much they mean to you, engraving an Apple Pencil is a great option.

As long as the engraving is done through the Apple website, it doesn’t void the warranty either!

However, do note that the etching process is permanent. Therefore, you cannot remove Apple Pencil engraving marks.

If you’d still like to use the Apple Pencil without the engraving, you can hide it using a skin instead.

I would not recommend engraving your phone numbers too, since someone might use them maliciously.

What are the advantages of engraving your Apple Pencil?

Engraving your Apple Pencil can be a great way to make it more unique and personalized. It also provides an opportunity to express yourself and share messages that have meaning or special significance for you.

It also makes a thoughtful gift. You could engrave something meaningful such as the recipient’s name, initials, or a cute quote that expresses your feelings.

Plus, the engraving process doesn’t void the warranty and is free with any purchase of an Apple product!

What are the disadvantages of engraving your Apple Pencil?

The main disadvantage of engraving your Apple Pencil is that the engraving mark cannot be removed.

Therefore, if you decide to change the message or no longer want it engraved, you won’t have any options but to get a new Apple Pencil or use an Apple Pencil skin to hide the engraving.

Having an engraved device may also reduce the resale value of the device if you’re planning to sell it off to a second-hand shop.

What should I engrave on an Apple device?

You should engrave a message that has meaning to you. You can choose from either a funny, cool, or cute quote to inspire you when you use your Apple device.

You should also consider who will be using the device. The engraved message should be relevant to the recipient.

For example, if it’s a gift for your partner you could engrave something like “Love, from (your name)”. If it’s a gift for a friend then you could choose something like “Friends forever” or “Our friendship is unforgettable.”

If you’re thinking of engraving other Apple Devices, you can consider matching your engravings. For example, you can choose to engrave the same emoji across all your Apple devices.

For engraving ideas for iPad, you can consider a longer message that has some relation in meaning to your Apple Pencil for a creative combination. Check out another article I wrote about iPad engravings if you’re interested.

What should you engrave on a pen?

When engraving a pen, you can choose anything from your name, initials, or even a special phrase or message.

You could also have something inspirational that reminds you of your goals and ambitions. Other ideas include a quote to motivate yourself when writing on paper or an inside joke with your friends. It’s really up to you!

What cool things can Apple Pencil do?

The Apple Pencil is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks. The main use cases include drawing, sketching, taking notes, creating diagrams, and even editing photos or videos.

It also has precision technology that allows you to write on the display with an incredibly natural feel. Plus, it supports pressure-sensitive drawing, which means that you can control the thickness and intensity of your strokes as if you were using a real pen.

The Apple Pencil also supports tilt detection, so you can easily shade or alter the direction of your strokes with just a slight twist.

Additionally, it’s compatible with many apps and programs, allowing for even more creative possibilities.

With the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, you can also charge your device wirelessly through MagSafe.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the ideas you can consider when getting engraving services for your Apple Pencil.

Whether it’s to add a personal touch, as a gift for someone special, or just to express yourself, engraving an Apple Pencil is a great way to make your device even more meaningful.

I hope this article has been helpful to you and thanks for reading it!