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Looking for engraving ideas to engrave your AirTag? You’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, I’ll share over 100 Apple AirTag engraving ideas ranging from funny to cool!

Whether you are looking for a unique gift idea or want to have some fun, these AirTag engravings will definitely get you inspired.

So what are you waiting for? Start browsing through our list for inspiration!

What Are The Best AirTag Engraving Ideas?

To help you get started with some great ideas, I’ve put together a complete list.

Here are some I personally like:

Best AirTag Engraving Ideas With Only Emojis

If you’re getting your AirTags engraved through the official Apple website, you’ll only get a maximum of 4 characters.

Simple 1 emoji engravings are an excellent option in this case!

Here are some good emoji examples:

  1. 💩
  2. 😘
  3. 🐶
  4. 🚀
  5. 😍
  6. 👻
  7. 👽
  8. 🤟
  9. 😊
  10. 🔍
  11. 🦄
  12. 👀
  13. 🌈
  14. 🥰
  15. 💪
  16. 🏠
  17. 😂
  18. 📱
  19. 🕵️‍♂️
  20. 💕
  21. 🤞

If just one emoji is too plain for you, you can go with two emojis instead.

Funny AirTag Engraving Ideas

These are some funny engraving ideas you can have on your AirTags if you choose to do a 3rd-party engraving, which can allow more characters than Apple’s 4-character limit.

  10. HELLOO
  11. YOUBET
  12. TRACKR
  13. SOSLOL
  14. BEEPME
  15. UFOUND
  16. PINGME
  17. FINDER
  18. WHOU
  19. NOTYRS
  20. MINE!
  21. NOLOST

Interesting AirTag Engraving Ideas

Here are some unique and interesting ideas to engrave Airtags.

  1. LIFE
  2. NOTE
  4. CHIRP!
  8. APP
  9. SIREN!
  10. HEREWE
  11. CATCHU
  12. HIDDEN
  13. YOLO!
  14. UFOUND
  15. NOFATE
  16. TAKEME
  17. NUDGER
  18. LIFESA
  19. KEYTAG
  20. WHODAT
  21. SPOTME
  22. BEEP!!
  23. FOUND!
  24. LOSTIT
  25. GIMME!
  26. HEREAM
  27. BARK!!
  28. LOCATE
  29. LOOKUP
  30. SCOUT!
  31. SAVEME
  32. ALERT!
  33. GYM
  34. TRAILS
  35. SLEUTH
  36. TAILIT
  37. 123456
  38. GOTCHA
  39. FOLLW!
  40. SPOTIT

Cute AirTag Engraving Ideas

  1. BFF
  2. BFF1
  3. BFF2
  4. HUGS
  5. WOOF
  6. LOVE
  7. KITTY
  8. SNUG
  9. KISS
  10. PURR

AirTag Engraving Ideas With Emoji

You can also consider engraving emojis instead of just having one word.

  1. ♥HIS♥
  2. ♥HERS♥
  3. NFC
  5. 🔍
  6. WOOF🐶
  7. DOG🐶
  8. PAWS
  9. 🐾🐶
  10. MOM😘
  11. DAD😘
  12. SON😘
  13. GIRL😘
  14. BOY😘
  15. MRS🙆‍♀️
  16. MR😎

Related Questions

Should I get AirTag engraved?

Yes, getting your AirTag device engraved is a great way to personalize it and make sure that it’s easily identifiable if you ever lose it. Moreover, it’s free if you buy from the Apple website.

You can get your AirTag engraved with up to four characters or symbols, making it easy to choose something funny, cute, or meaningful.

This is also a great gift option for your family members to attach to their belongings. If you are planning to have more AirTags, then having engravings would make it easier to tell them apart too.

Some common places people attach their AirTags include:

  • Car keys
  • Backpacks
  • Purse
  • Gym bag
  • Laptop case
  • Phone cases
  • Wallet
  • Bicycle
  • Pets

Alternatively, you can engrave on other Apple Devices instead.

You can do iPad engraving for your iPad, Apple Pencil engraving, and Airpods engravings too!

However, iPhone, Macbook devices, and iPod Touch laser engraving are not supported by Apple.

What do you engrave on AirTag?

You should engrave on your AirTag something that would help you relate to the item it’s attached to. It could be something funny, cool, or meaningful – it’s totally up to you. Some engraving ideas are a 4-digit code that spells out your initials, emojis unique to you and the recipient, or even inside jokes!

Apart from these, you can also consider engraving acronyms such as BFF, CAT, or DOG.

You can also use the same name you use for your AirTag engravings as your AirTag name in the Find My App on your iPhone or iPad.

What is the AirTag engraving character limit?

The character limit for AirTag engraving is only four letters or symbols. This includes characters from different languages and emojis as well.

However, if you prefer to get your AirTag engraved with more characters than 4, then you should look for an external engraver who can do the job for you!

How long does AirTag engraving take?

AirTag engraving takes 1 business day to complete. Though it may vary depending on the time of the year, engraving your AirTag should not take more than 1 business day to be completed.

Once your order is shipped, you can track it using the tracking number provided by Apple. Make sure to keep an eye out for it so that you know when to expect your delivery.

Can you return an engraved AirTag?

Yes, an engraved AirTag can be returned in-store for a refund but cannot be exchanged. If you wish to return an engraved AirTag, you must do so within 14 days of the purchase.

This applies to all the personalized engravings on other Apple devices as well.

Can you get AirTags engraved later?

Yes, you can get your AirTags engraved at a later date. Many third-party engravers offer engraving services for AirTags and other Apple devices.

However, if you require engraving from the official Apple store, engravings can only be ordered upon purchase.

Third-party engraving services also usually take longer times to complete and cost a little extra.

Final Thoughts

These are all the 100+ ideas for your AirTag engraving!

Whether it’s a funny message, meaningful words, or an emoji – getting your AirTag engraved can be the perfect way to add a personal touch to the item to which you are attaching it.

I hope this article has been helpful in choosing the perfect personal engraving for your new AirTag!