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So you’ve considered that being a business analyst might just be the right job for you, but you’d like to learn a little more through some YouTube video content.

Don’t worry about looking for the right YouTube channels out there as I’ve compiled some of the best (in my honest opinion) YouTube channels out there featuring business analyst skills and vlogs.

Here’s the list:

10 Best Business Analyst YouTube Channels To Watch

  1. BA Blocks
  2. The BA Tutor
  3. Cody Baldwin
  4. The Prefect BA
  5. Angelo Kalevela
  6. The BA Guide (Jeremy Aschenbrenner)
  7. Bridging The Gap
  8. Techcanvass
  9. Kara Leise
  10. In-Demand Business Analyst

There you go! I’ve saved you the time of sourcing for the best Business Analyst YouTube Channels out there. However, if you’re keen to know more about who should be watching which individual channel and my personal opinion of these channels then do keep reading.

1. BA Blocks

Subscribers: 5.96K+

The BA Blocks YouTube channel is everything you’d like to know about being a Business Analyst. In this channel, you can expect to see content ranging from business analyst interviews to instructional content about the necessary BA skills to some general career advice to enter this industry. Some videos even cover basic concepts and differences between business analytics and business analysis.

When I first chanced upon the channel, I was initially really impressed with all the content that is being put out there regarding business analysis. The videos presented are all shown in easily digestible videos too! One special thing I have to mention that I thoroughly enjoyed was the videos done in a casual car-conversation manner. Do check it our below!

Link: BA Blocks

2. The BA Tutor

Subscribers: 8K+

Being a relatively new channel, the BA Tutor is sure to punching above its weight. The value of the content in this channel is rare among such channels and I can imagine this channel going BIG in the future. Here’s why:

  • Easy to understand career advice
  • Instructor-like whiteboard presentations
  • Business Analyst-specifc skills shared by a real Business Analyst

The name of the channel says it all and lives up to its name. This channel is one you would have to watch or even subscribe to if you’re looking for the basics of Business Analysis or even looking to get started in a career as a Business Analyst.

If you’re new to the area of BA, you might want to check out this helpful video from the channel to start out!

Link: The BA Tutor

3. Cody Baldwin

Subscribers: 39.4K+

Here’s a channel for those who want a hybrid of information about Business Analysis and general data analysis. Cody Baldwin is the instructor behind all of these helpful tutorials and introduction guides. Ranging from content about instructional tutorials in Microsoft Excel to Learning about 5S (Lean Six Sigma) to a basic introduction to Pareto charts, this channel is for those who prefer to learn a wide range of content, rather than in-depth guides.

However, these videos are still great for beginners who are just curious about the different aspects of a Business Analyst. Head on over to Cody’s channel to discover some really easy-to-understand videos presented in a simple and clear manner. Here’s one for you to begin with!

Link: Cody Baldwin

4. The Prefect BA

Subscribers: 15.5K+

Up next, we have The Prefect BA, a must-watch channel for all BAs. If you’re looking to start out a career as a Business Analyst, then this might be a good channel resource for learning BA-related skills as well as career tips. Some of the skills covered are essential to all Business Analysts, such as Structured Query Language (SQL) Programming, JIRA as well as Agile methodologies.

Based on my experience when looking at this channel, I was thoroughly impressed with the content. Being a visual learner myself, I am typically drawn to tutorial presentations that provide many useful charts and illustrations. The Prefect BA’s videos are exactly the type of content I look for when approaching new topics. Not only are the visual illustrations easy to understand, the explanations are also clear and comprehensive. If you’re looking at picking up some new skills, do check their videos out!

Watch their SQL Tutorial Here: Link

Link: The Prefect BA

5. Angelo Kalevela

Subscribers: 8.43K+

Angelo Kalevela’s YouTube channel is another one not to be missed. Being an old channel, the is a large collection of videos on Business Analysis across many topics within the field. Angelo is both knowledgeable in his expertise and clear in his presentations. This makes the channel a great place to go for quick and easy to understand BA content.

I believe that it’s safe to say that these videos have provided some really helpful content to aspiring Business Analysts out there. Having to understanding more of such business analysis skills out there myself, I found myself going back to these videos for a consistent resource. Here’s a video below that I enjoyed, so you might want to start with this!

Link: Angelo Kalevela

6. The BA Guide (Jeremy Aschenbrenner)

Subscribers: 5.28K+

The BA Guide channel might be a small channel but it has been around for a while (since 2017). That’s why I would recommend considering this channel for those looking for a solid resource for Business Analysis. This channel is made and run by Jeremy Aschenbrenner, who is a good instructor who is knowledgeable in the various areas in BA.

This channel covers a few main areas like:

  • Instructional tutorials on
  • Business Analyst career advice and experience
  • Certifications related to BA

This channel is good for those looking for career tips and advice to land their job in Business Analysis. If you’re looking to learn technical skills like SQL, then there might not be that much in-depth content as yet. Overall, I think that you’ll be surprised by how much you can learn from the channel. You can start with this video:

Link: The BA Guide

7. Bridging The Gap

Subscribers: 19.6K+

Being something different from the previous few personal BA YouTube channels, the Bridging The Gap channel is a business focused on helping career professionals at a mid-career level land jobs as business analysts. Naturally, this YouTube channel puts together a really good bunch of videos that aspiring business analyst professionals will find value from. Although the videos are not currently released that frequently (~1-2/month), I would safely say that the videos make up for more than enough as they provide so much value.

For example, there’s a huge collection of interviews of business analysts and their personal journeys to becoming one. I believe that’s something many of you aspiring business analysts would love to have. Something that valuable is hard to find when you’re just starting out and exploring things. So do check it out for yourself in the video below!

Link: Bridging the Gap

8. Techcanvass

Subscribers: 10.1K+

The Techcanvass YouTube channel belongs to the Techcancass business, which offers IT courses in the short-term, of which most are related to business analysis. Now that you know that this channel is serious in business analysis education, I’m sure that you’re quite convinced that they provide a great learning resource on YouTube.

If you’re thinking of that, then you’re absolutely right! This channel goes way back to 2016. This means that there’s a huge volume of videos over the past few years that this channel has been active for. Although not all videos on the channel are solely on business analysis, the large number makes up for it.

Here are some things I love about this channel:

If you’re someone who’s looking for a mid-career switch from another business-related role to business analysis, then this channel might just be the perfect resource for you.

Here’s a video to get you started, enjoy!

Link: Techcanvass

9. Kara Leise

Subscribers: 4.24K+

Now looking more towards the personal approach of learning, the YouTube channel by Kara Leise is a good addition to your list of resources for Business Analysis. Kara’s videos are specifically made to help her viewers start and grow their career in business analysis.

Topics that she covers in her videos cover a good range, such as:

  • User stories
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Business analysts VS Systems analyst

These topics are great because they tend to cause so much confusion to those who are just starting out their career or looking to switch. Although the more experience business analysts might find these topics basic, you don’t have to worry as there are so many other advanced topics in other videos not mentioned here.

Videos are typically released every few days (WOW!), so you can expect some serious learning within a week just from these videos alone. With this upload rate of videos, I’m pretty confident that many of the advanced and smaller niche areas in BA will be covered by Kara too.

Because this channel is a personal one, you would expect to see some personal aspects of Kara’s life such as a Day in The Life of A Business Analyst. I find this amazing because of how much insight and deeper understanding these day-to-day activities can provide you with.

Here’s the video for you to get started:

Link: Kara Leise

10. In-Demand Business Analyst

Subscribers: 500+

The number 10 spot goes to the smallest channel in my list (but in no way the worst!). The In-Demand Business Analyst is a growing channel that is on its way to being a massive resource for business analysis. Focusing on agile methodologies as well as case studies, this channel provides more practical advice than what most other channels have.

Videos are released weekly so I would expect much more of these to come. I personally have subscribed to the channel to see how the channel grows and to also learn a thing or two about business analysis along the way.

Here’s one of the videos:

Link: In-Demand Business Analyst

Final Thoughts

Alright, so that sums up all the Business Analyst YouTube channels that I would recommend to someone who is just starting out and learning the different areas within BA. I tried my best to get in a good mix of both personal channels as well as some business-focused ones to ensure every one of you can get some value out of the list.

I’ve narrowed down the many resources out there into this quick top 10 list so if you would ever need this list for reference, do consider saving this page as a bookmark for further reference, thank you!

My Favorite Learning Resources:

Here are some of the learning resources I’ve personally found to be useful as a data analyst and I hope you find them useful too!

These may contain affiliate links and I earn a commission from them if you use them.

However, I’d honestly recommend them to my juniors, friends, or even my family!

My Recommended Learning Platforms!

Learning PlatformWhat’s Good About the Platform?
1CourseraCertificates are offered by popular learning institutes and companies like Google & IBM
2DataCampComes with an integrated coding platform, great for beginners!
3PluralsightStrong focus on data skills, taught by industry experts
4StratascratchLearn faster by doing real interview coding practices for data science
5UdacityHigh-quality, comprehensive courses

My Recommended Online Courses + Books!

TopicOnline CoursesBooks
1Data AnalyticsGoogle Data Analytics Professional Certificate
2Data ScienceIBM Data Science Professional Certificate
3ExcelExcel Skills for Business Specialization
4PythonPython for Everybody SpecializationPython for Data Analysis
5SQLIntroduction to SQLSQL: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Learn SQL Today
6TableauData Visualization with TableauPractical Tableau
7Power BIGetting Started with Power BI DesktopBeginning Microsoft Power BI
8R ProgrammingData Science: Foundations using R SpecializationLearning R
9Data VisualizationBig Book of Dashboards

To see all of my most up-to-date recommendations, check out this resource I’ve put together for you here.

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